Top 10 Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

I know you expect to tell you the about the best-used cars to purchase. However, I have decided to make use of reverse psychology to achieve the same. By letting you know the types of vehicles to avoid while making second-hand car purchase you will know what kind of vehicles to go for. One big question that everybody with a wish to purchase used cars always has is on the condition of the car. What you must know is that there are some on the used vehicles you should never buy. Most of them are those which their conditions cannot be assessed in just a day and therefore you better get them brand new and not as used cars.

You don’t want to get yourself a car that may actually brake down even before you take it home for the first time. If that happens, then I can only describe it as tragic. But don’t worry because am here to make sure that you avoid such tragedy. I, therefore, present to you the top 10 used vehicles to avoid purchasing.

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10. Chevrolet Blazer

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

Any lover of cars will agree with me that Chevy Blazer was very popular during its days. In fact, it was among the most popular SUVs during that time. The production of new cars was stopped back in the year two thousand and five. However, that does not mean the sale also stopped. People still sell this model but only as used cars. I know you are probably asking yourself “so what if the production stopped?” Allow me to take you to the tiny details.

Despite the model being popular, it successfully failed a series of crush tests and that is not all, it also had lots of reliability issues which has made this vehicle transform from one of the most popular to one that registered a lot of complaints. In most of the forums where the customers interacted with the manufacturers, it became a norm for the customers to launch complaints. Among the top complaints were the issues of the engine stalling or bogging down while driving and to make things even worse for the driver is that this would happen without warning signs even after driving for hours.

Other issues included failing to start, fuel problems, acceleration problems, electrical problems and transmission problems. In short, driving in such a car becomes a nightmare. It is because of all these complaints that make this model suitable for this list. So if you are thinking of getting yourself a used look elsewhere.

9. Pontiac Aztek

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

Now this one should not surprise you, to start with, it looks wired! I don’t expect anyone to even like this one unless you are also wired and loves only wired things. The Pontiac built this car between the year two thousand and one and the year two thousand five. Even without going into details, it is very clear that whoever chose the color had a very poor taste of colors or should I say that he must have been color blind if not color ignorant. And it’s not just the color.

I also wonder what they were thinking when designing such a wired shaped car. However, I must admit that the vehicle worked well but just as a crossover. Those who bought it probably did so because of its large cargo area and maybe the TV shows that made the car one of the most popular vehicle in town. Those who bought it started telling sad stories especially in the year two thousand and two. According to complaints .com the issues reported ranged from the car taking long to start to the motor mounts having issues rubbing through wiring harnesses. This is another one that you should literally run away from and especially the models after the year two thousand and two.

8. Chrysler Sebring

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

This is another one that has made it to the list of the most repaired vehicles. I believe that those who bought this model manufactured between the year 1995 and the year two thousand and ten are good friends of their mechanics. Also, trust me when I say that they must be spending a lot of time together. According to, the years two thousand and two and the year two thousand and three were the worst for Sebring as the users reported the most engine failures.

The complaints also entailed oil licks, blown head gaskets and overheating with the A/C failing to function properly. The blower was reported to only work on high making the Sebring a vehicle with a very high number of complaints. I may not be a professional but why would you buy complaints in the name of a used car. My advice is simple, avoid it more than a plague.

7. Chevrolet Aveo

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

When Aveo got a replacement in the year two thousand and twelve most people wished that the Chevrolet Sonic would have come earlier and guess what, I don’t disagree.  The Aveo was not just a sub-standard car but also a subcompact car with very few redeeming features. Other than being cheap and having a high gas milage, it did not afford to bring anything else to the table. I mean driving should be enjoyable, it should be something that you can do for fun, but that cannot happen if you are driving Aveo. To begin, its tiny horsepower engine is enough punishment for you and more so if you are clinging up a hill.

Be keen with your leg not so far away from the breaks because you may need the breaks to avoid unwanted reverse movements. As if that is not enough, the interior of the car is not pleasing either and am still wondering who decided to put cheap plastic in the interior of the car. To some extent, I am tempted to believe that the cheap plastic was to be a constant reminder of how low end the vehicle is. In addition to its nasty poor quality, it is always accompanied by problems associated with audio, fuel and break systems. Aveo is not a vehicle to consider buying even when still new and therefore should not even be sold as a used car because it does not get better with age.

6. Cadillac STS

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

It took six good years to come up with Cadillac STS with the vehicle being under development for the period between the year two thousand and five and the year two thousand and eleven. When it was released, most people agreed that it was worth waiting for and it received praises from all quarters with most people finding it to be comfortable to ride and great in handling too. But you cannot go down unless you are up and that is what exactly happened to it.

It turns out that the v-6 and the v-8 engines that the vehicle comes with were very costly to repair when problems occurred.  It further lost the attention that it had when it was launched with the low marks on J.D. Power. It was also reported to have problems with its electrical, transmission and breaking systems. Other common problem areas include the cooling system and the navigation system. It is because of these problems and the high cost of fixing them that I would rather prefer if you did not consider getting the Cadillac STS as a used car. If anything, it is one of the worse used cars anybody could even imagine buying.

5. Dodge Intrepid

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

Now, somebody may think that I have something against some vehicle models or that I just don’t like them. Okay, you may be right that I don’t like them. It anything how do you even like something that is unlikable. For a car to be considered good and efficient, it must be able to stand the test of time. There must be some stable level of consistent efficiency. In short, a good car is always efficient all the time. The Dodge Intrepid was first built between the rears 1993 and two thousand and four.

When it was first released into the market, it became a darling of many however critics did not spare it as well. Those who loved it argued that it had stylish exterior, well-built suspension, top notch handling and a roomy interior. These were evident from the reviews it received and trust me it did well at that time. And like I said before if a vehicle cannot stand the test of time, then it does not qualify to be regarded as a good vehicle.  The Dodge Intrepid did not manage to stand the test of time, and managed to rank this vehicle one of the most unreliable vehicles of all time.

Users had a wide range of complaints, and more so the 90-03 model had serious issues. Among the top complaints were the oil sludge problems making the vehicles completely useless and especially at high mileages due to frequent engine failure. Other problems included A/C /heater problems, engine problems, and electrical problems. This is another one that you should avoid more than a plague

4. BMW X5

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

I do not believe that this luxury SUV even requires introduction following the massive praises that it got when it was first introduced in the market in the 2000. Its performance was considered good, and the interior was high end, but that is common with luxury SUVs.  Its suspension was also showered with unnecessary praises for giving a smooth and comfortable ride which comes with a reduced body roll. BMW X5 is costly whether you buy used or a brand new car, it does not really matter because what is sold is not the car but the BMW name.

Owners have raised some complaints in various forums, and mostly they are reliability issues. Of cause, if you want to get yourself a used car you would go for one that you can rely on. Most of the issues raised tend to be associated with all X5 models of the year with problems associated with a drive shaft, electric system and all wheel drive system. That is not what I expect from such an expensive car, and for that reason, they is no need at all for investing your money on just a name. There are also the hidden costs after you make the purchase that comes as a result of costly and frequent maintainace visits to the mechanic.

3. Jeep Wrangler

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

I know you did not expect a Jeep to be on this list but it’s here anyway. Similarly, I would not disagree that the Wrangler is a good vehicle, but there is a problem and especially when it is bought as a used car. I mean you would not know how the previous owner treated the car. We all know that the Wrangler is mostly loved for off the road rides and some enthusiasts push the vehicles to the very extreme limits.

The vehicle may be looking neat and clean, but it may be empty on the inside. If that is not an issue enough for you not to buy such a vehicle, then you may consider checking the number of recalls that have been made in the past ten years. It seems that almost all parts of the Wrangler have been recalled since the year 2005. This is not just limited to breaks, fuel system, wiring, engine system, and emission system but also other various parts. The problems may end up being fixed, but you never know when the next problem is going to pop up. If you want a Jeep Wrangler, kindly just get a brand new one.

2. Audi Q5

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

Audi Q5 brought a lot of excitement in the motor market when it first hit the market as it was considered a hit. This SUV was well loaded with what one would consider luxury features, and it comes with a fantastic interior. It also comes with other goodies which included well-built suspension and steering which offered excellent handling and comfort. However, the fact that it is in this list only means that it also had its shortfall and in this case major ones. It is not the first one to say that because consumer reports had given Audi Q5 one of the worst ratings ever just because of reliability issues. According to various platforms, there were many complaints especially on the climate control, keyless entry, navigation system not forgetting the stereo system.

1. Ford Explorer

Used Vehicles You Should Never Buy

Now, probably you already know all the good things about Ford Explorer, and that is why not going to waste time telling you what you probably know already. However, allow me to let you now the reasons why Ford Explore is not an option when it comes to buying used cars. listed this vehicle as one of the worse with the two thousand and three models making it to the list of the top twenty worse vehicles. It has been reported that the transmission system may be the source of all problems for this vehicle. Other complaints have sited rusting of the body of the vehicle. You better do a proper background check before you make a purchase decision.


Vehicles are good, and for those of us who do used cars, we must be aware that some of the used cars in the market are just traps. You may have seen the model that you love so much on my list, and that should be a red flag so that the next time you plan to make a purchase you may consider digging deeper beyond just the neat look of the vehicle.