Top 10 Best Pet Soft-Sided Carriers Reviews in 2018

Your pet is like one of your family. Traveling around with your pet is quite challenging when you want to transport them along. Some pets can be naughty and might cause trouble when you in the car or airline traveling with them if you don’t have proper method to deal with them. You can have your lovely pet under control and let them rest comfortably with you during the journey by using Pet Soft-sided carriers. Here is the list of top 10 Pet Soft-sided carriers review in 2018.

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10. Sherpa Element Duffle Pet Carrier

Having your pet sitting on the seat while you are on board with him on the airplane or car can be very inconvenient. They might poop on the car or airplane seat which might cause you into trouble or even disturb your driving, which might lead to serious accident. Get everything under control by having them set in soft-sided carriers.

Sherpa can hold up to around 8 pounds pet that can be fit to most pets. It has the dimension of 14 inches by 9 with 9.5 in height. It also offers the comfortable faux leather which allow your pet to rest conveniently in the carrier. Moreover, it has some features of side entry, rear and side pockets for storage, locking zipper to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of your pet during the ride. Enjoy your trip with your lovely pet to anywhere since this carrier is allowed in many major airlines.

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9. Soft Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Halloween is coming. Any plan for the holiday? Of course, your cat is also part of your family, but having it on the ride with you, you need some careful measures to make sure they will be obedient and won’t cause any trouble along the way. All you need is this soft sided pet carrier.

This soft sided pet travel carrier offers you the comfortably portable pet home. It is light and easy to carry around with its strong and wide adjustable strap allowing you to carry them along easier. The product dimension is 18 inches by 12 with 11 inches height proving room for up to 20 pounds pet. Moreover, it is made from durable materials which are quite reliable for your pet’s safety. The best part of it is that it has 2 years warranty and also money back guarantee. Feel confidence with your lovely part of family and enjoy your trip with them.

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8. PetIQ Unique Hand-Crafted Designer Pet Carrier Bags

Having trouble to find the right carrier for your pet and find it hard to handle with your pet during the transportation? Pack your suitcase and be prepare for the trip with your pet since nothing is going to be concerned anymore. All you need is in this PetIQ Unique Hand-Crafted Designer.

This soft sided carrier are durable and handmade for its quality. It has the feature that would allow the air circulating inside the bag even in the low wind condition. Moreover, it also features to allow owners to access to their pets without the risk of escape. In addition, this soft sided carrier offer your pet the comfortable material for them to rest and it is also 100% washable making it easier for you to clean it up. It has the size of 16.9 inches by 7.8 with 11.4 in height. Most importantly it also offers the convenient pockets padded shoulder trap which is easier for you to carry it around.

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7. Petsfit Comfort Expandable Foldable Travel Dogs Carriers Pet Carrier Soft-sided

Do you own a large pet which is quite hard for you to carry them around on trip or to vet? Pets can get anxious easily and would cause trouble while you are driving or on the ride to somewhere. What you need is a good soft sided carrier that would allow you the effective safety and comfort to your pet.

Petsfit Comfort is a kind of soft sided carrier that would offer room for larger pet. Its size is up to 18 inches by 11 with 11 inches height. It is made up of special fabric and durable zipper which offers your cat the safest technology. Its wider room and three mesh design provides better ventilation allowing your pets to enjoy comfortably and won’t disturb your peaceful mind during the travel. It’s special feature also include the soft fleece mat that is very comfortable and also the nylon woven tape hand and shoulder which are quite strong to carry. Most importantly, you’ll get 30 days warranty.

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6. Pet Gear Pet Gear Car Seat & Carrier for cats and dogs up to 20-pounds, Black

Let make sure your traveling is fine especially when your pet is coming along. It would be irritating if your pet would move around back and forth in your car or airplane, or sometimes it can lead to danger if you are not aware. Get them under your hand by setting them in the comfortable soft sided carrier.

This Pet Gear Pet Gear offer the wider room for your pet up to 20 pounds. It has the wider space of 19 inches in length by 12.5 with 12 inches in height. It can be set up with the seat bel, and the high quality zipper would offer guaranteed safety for your pet, not being able to escape. Moreover, its comfortable fleece pad would soothe your pet down and is washable allowing you to get it clean regularly for your pet’s hygiene. Stay cool with your pets wherever you are.

6. Pet Gear Pet Gear Car Seat & Carrier for cats and dogs up to 20-pounds, BlackCheck Price on

5. Wahl Paw Print Travel Tote for Professional Grooming

Have you been looking for the tote which is wide, durable and reliable for your stuffs? Good looking is one of the most important elements in your choosing tote, but its special features and capacity to carry is another thing to consider. This is Wahl travel tote which is what you’ve been looking for.

This tote comes with durable handle and adjustable carry strap which allows you to carry everything easier and more conveniently. It offers more compartment for you to store your stuffs more such as 2 inner pockets and 2 front pockets. With its dimension, it has 28.8 inches by 29 with stylish paw print design making it look even cool and stylish. Moreover, it is also made up of durable microfiber material which is easy to clean and maintain. Stay awesome and confident for your trip with this soft sided carrier.

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4. Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier Large Brown

Your pet is no longer a problem when you want to have it traveling along with you. what you need is a good soft sided carrier that would offer you the effective safety of your cat and comfortable fleece allowing them to enjoy its comfort. All these qualities are in this Sherpa Original Deluxe.

This soft sided carrier is the mini carrier offering good space for your little pet which is up to 8 pounds. This soft sided carrier is allowed in most of the major airlines. With its functions, this comes with seatbelt and luggage strap which offers you more convenience in carry and protecting your pet. Its mesh penal allows ventilation to your pet making it feel more comfortable and relaxed. It also has many other features like top and side entry and rear pocket as well.

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3. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

When you are travelling with your pet, the best thing that your need is the carrier. However, having a carrier that is ineffective and uncomfortable means nothing to you. Your pet will keep bothering since they don’t find it comfortable there. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed guarantee everything for you and your pet.

This soft sided carrier is more than just a carrier and a seat for your pet. It is designed to meet your pet’s needs. With the exterior design, this is made from luggage-grade nylon and ultra-plush polyester insider allowing your pet to feel relaxed and enjoy the comfort of the fleece. The room inside is quite wide being able to carry up to 15 pounds pet, and the ventilation is very great. Moreover, another great feature is that the bed is designed for your pet to stretch their body and enjoy the way they want to sleep. The zipper is quite safe that can guarantee the safety, and it also includes padded shoulder strap, mesh dome top with carrying handle, washable bedding and water-resistant.

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2. SturdiBag Divided Large Pet Carrier, Large Divided Pet Carrier 2 in 1 Pet Carrier Tote

Are you a pet lover? Having been trying to find a best carrier for your pet, you want a quite big one that can suit your two average puppies or cats. Stop worrying! SturdiBag can give everything you need.

With its two compartments this soft sided carrier can carry two pets in one carrier without any problem. It also offers the flexible height design which can be adaptive to most airline seats. It has the carrying capacity up to 50 pounds with its dimension of 18 inches in length by 12 with 12 in height. The ventilation system is quite reliable that can offer your pets the comfort. Choose the best way to travel with your pet by choosing this soft sided carrier.

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1. OxGord Pet Soft-Sided Carriers

You can’t understand what your pets want or how they feel when they are in the carrier. Actually, being confined in the bag, the pets can be so anxious and frightened when it is not comfortable for them. Understand your pet more by giving them more comfortable environment when you transport them either on trip or to the vet.

OxGord is the best brand name for the pet supplies and accessories. With the big room of up to 19 inches in length by 10 with 13 in height, this soft sided carrier would be able to hold up to 22 pounds of pet with the highest safety function of the seat belt buckle with the vehicle seat belt. Moreover, its material is made up of durable and comfortable materials like soft and removable breathable fleece travel bed for the comfort of your pet. The room is properly ventilated which allow your pet to rest peacefully soothing them into relax. It is easy to carry because of its padded shoulder strap with other many compartment to store any other stuffs.

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