The Best GoPro Battery and Battery Charger Review 2018

For some people, they need long hours working with their Gopro, and as so, there is a need for more power. The only solution is to have more batteries available as well as the battery charger so that the next day will also not be the problem. To help you find out the best Gopro battery charger, here we present the best ones with review for your consideration. These ones are top choices which have been liked and satisfied by their previous users. That is the only reason why they are picked up here for the review for your information.

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1.Sabrent 2 Pack Battery Set with Dual Battery Charger for GoPro HERO4

For many sets that are available, they come with both the battery charger as well as the batteries. Similarly, this Sabrent set contains two packs of battery and the charger. This is a very recommended option when it comes to the Gopro battery charger. For the batteries, they have long lives and very durable. They are made from Japanese cells with premium quality to perform. For the compatibility, these batteries work with Gopro Hero4 black and silver model. Instead for the charger, it is a smart and high performing function. It can charge two batteries at the same time. That might help your work quicker like you want. For pricing, you can check the link below. It is quite affordable and reasonable.

1.The Best GoPro Battery Charger Review 2016


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2.Masione 3.7V 1600mAh 5.9WH Power Battery and Dual Charger

This second review is the product from Mazione. It has a set with two batteries of 3.7V 1600mAh to offer with a dual charger to charge two simultaneously without a problem. The brand new batteries are off a high quality for lasting performance, and it is highly compatible with the Gopro version – GoPro AHDBT-401, AHBBP-401. Aside from the batteries and charger, the cable is also included. This set is quite of a suggestion to consider if you are now in need for the Gopro charger and batteries. And even more brilliant, two years warranty has been applied to this package after you order it.

2.The Best GoPro Battery Charger Review 2016


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3.Smatree 1290mAh Replacement battery for GoPro Hero4 and 3-Channel charger

This Smartree set is also a good option when you are looking for extra batteries for Gopro and the charger. For quality, this Smartree product is awesome. Its batteries use the Japanese cells of a great quality. It has long life and high performance. For the charger, it has 3 channels built in, and that means three different batteries could be charged simultaneously. And for compatibility, the batteries and charger of this option are made for working great with only the Gopro Hero4 Black and Silver Model. The rest is not. Meanwhile for convenient use, light indicators have been attached to know when those batteries are full. 3 year warranty is also included, lastly. That is to ensure a good confidence in the customers.

3.The Best GoPro Battery Charger Review 2016


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4.GoPro Dual Battery Charger for Hero 3 and Hero 3+

If you only need the charger alone and do not want to spend money on batteries, then the better option is here with the Gopro Dual Battery Charger. This item is charger for Gopro but only the Gopro Hero 3 and Hero 3 +. The charger is good for quality and performance. It charges quick and charges twice at a time without any issue. Additionally, LED lights are in, and it indicates the status of the battery if it is really to run again in your Gopro. The USB charger is not included in this package. However, this charger works perfect with most standard and universal USB chargers. Thus, it should not be a big issue for you on that matter. For pricing, you can see and tell this one is quite reasonable at around 20 dollars.

4.The Best GoPro Battery Charger Review 2016


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5.Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger for GoPro HERO4

Lastly, it is the product from Wasabi. SImilarly to some of the options about, this comes with the battery and the dual charger. Batteries included are two, and they are for only the Gopro Hero4. For the charger, it is designed with dual channel to charge two batteries in the meantime if you need to. The majority of the users and buyers of this have rated the product quite high up to 4.5 stars. This should mean that many of them are happy with the deal and the quality of these batteries as well as the charger. This should mean that you might like this so good too as so many do. However, from the same brand by the link below, you will see you have options available. If you only need the charger or only the batteries, you could find only that and pay for only that.

5.The Best GoPro Battery Charger Review 2016


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